Writing Hack – Avoid Research and Write Articles Fast

Researching is a time consuming process. Save several hours every day researching your topic. Instead, spend your time producing top notch articles. This is how.

You can write articles faster and intelligently without doing much research, if you have some knowledge of the topic. It is a lot different when you are writing a few articles on a topic new to you.

It takes time researching the topic, and discovering points you can use in your articles. The following method will help you write articles faster and better.

For each topic you write, create a text file of at least 20 bullet points related to the topic. Each topic needs a different text file. This way, instead of researching the internet, you can refer to this text file, get the points you want and start writing instantly.

A better strategy is to identify 50 or even 100 points you can use for different articles. You can then use a combination of 3 to 5 points for every one of your articles. Pick the points randomly and you can find hundreds of combinations.

This practically translates into unlimited article ideas. Choose different points and develop each point into a paragraph. Look, you have a decent article developed in almost no time at all.

This technique helps you write two or three articles in less than 60 minutes. Every article looks well-researched and intelligently presented.

Of course it takes some extra time at first. However, the time is well-spent because you can avoid researching the topic over and over again.

You can also add new points to the list once in a week or two. If it is an emerging topic, like trends in SEO, you can add new points to the list every morning.

When someone reads your articles, they will see that you keep updated about the latest developments in the topics. It appears you spend a lot of time researching and studying the topic.

In reality, you spend very little time researching the topic. You use available time to write articles that talk intelligently about the topic at hand. Every article you write is useful to the reader.

If you write dozens of articles on the same topic for a prolonged time, you will not even have to refer to the list of bullet points. Everything will be neatly arranged in your brain.

All you need is subscribe to the RSS/email feeds of industry leading bloggers and trend setters. This way, you will get a wind of everything that is new and exciting. You can use the new points in your writing and appear as an authority figure.

, Prince John ,http://ezinearticles.com/expert/Prince_John/22555