Urdu Poetry: Strongest Way to Express Your Feelings

Poetry comes out from the Greek word “Poesis” and its meaning is “Creating or making something”, so the poetry means to create something that will be a source of pleasure for readers. It is an art of old age and due to evolution in writing and reading in this modern era, Poetry also evolved and gained a variety of different structures. It is a continuous source of entertainment for all types of people due to its huge territory and variety of literature.

If we go back then we can find that it starts in the age of Amir Khusroo and Kabir when Urdu Literature is not too vast, it was spreading slowly and slowly and it opens the doors for today’s poetry. With the passage of time, it becomes broader and broader and becoming a useful source of pleasure for touchy people. It is an organized way to express your thoughts and feelings to the people you want. They may be politicians, Scholars, persons whom you love and many more. Different poets showed their expertise by mushairas or poetic expeditions. Poets are given a particular theme on which he will render poems accordingly. If crowd get happy from their poems then they appreciate them through ‘Wah’ ‘Wah’.

Poets can express their feelings through different forms of poetry. These forms are as follows:

• Ghazal

• Qasida

• Masnavi

• Marsiya

• Nazm

• Naat

• Hamd

• Munaqbat


It is the best form of poetry for expressing your feelings; it can be minimum of 5 couplets and maximum of 15 couplets. It is very popular in elders then younger ones.


This word belongs to Arabic and usually used for Islamic events. It totally deals with a particular topic, it is typically written in 50 lines and lines rhymes with each other. Sometime it may exceed to 100 lines.


It is the long poem consists of 1000 of lines and in majority cases used to express romantic feelings. It is not necessary that Masnavi must be a romantic poem; it may belong to daily life matters. Sauda and Mir write some Masnavi of this kind.


It is the poem that describes the scenario of death of our beloved Hassan, Hussain and their families. It is often recited in the first 10 days of Muharram.


It is the most important form of Urdu Poetry because it deals with all aspects of life either it is related to philosophical thinking or national issues or any other.


It is the form of poetry that is recited in the praise of Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H.


The word Hamd is taken from Quran Pak and its meaning is Praise. It is the poem that was said in Praise of Allah.


It is the poem that is written in the praise of any member from the family of Hazrat Muhammad P.B.U.H.

Now a day’s Poets get enough freedom in Mushairas. They are totally free to read any type of poems in Mushaira; the poems are not theme specific. Pakistani chat rooms, blogs and social networks provide a powerful way to deliver the knowledge about Poetry. Thanks to all of them for providing a wonderful platform for Urdu Poetry.

, Aini Malik ,http://ezinearticles.com/expert/Aini_Malik/1616201