Raise Your Sales Numbers With These Four NLP Techniques

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP as it is commonly known, is a technique that is used in order to elicit an expected response. NLP primarily uses language and neurology in a specific way in order to get these expected responses. The technique can virtually be used in any situation where you might need a language trigger, such as using a trigger to boost self-confidence. However, this technique has been used extensively in sales training. In a tight economy you, as a sales person, should be converting every sale possible. This is where NLP selling techniques will give you the upper-hand. Here are four NLP selling techniques that you can implement.

Anchoring is a technique that puts your customers into a specific mental state that can be accessed at any time. In sales you would naturally want them in a buying state of mind. The easiest way to anchor is to have the customer remember a time when they were in a buying state. Get them to remember a time they bought on impulse, or a time when they saw something and had to have it right away. Once you have them thinking about that you set the anchor by using a particular word or physical gesture. It is then that you can access the anchor when you need it by using that same word or gesture. You have to get them to take mental ownership, and feel like they cannot do without your product. Anchoring puts the customer in the right state of mind to buy.

Objections are as much a part of the sales process as anything; every sales person will encounter objections many times during a sales career. The key is how you handle those objections. Sales training tells you that you should be prepared to handle objections that are unique to your product, and have an answer ready for that objection. An NLP technique can be used in this situation. Objections should be handled before your customer brings them up. For example, if expense is a common objection in your industry, bring up the cost of your product first. Tie the expense back to one of the strongest benefits of your product. If you can diffuse an objection before it happens you take away that particular road block on your way to a successful sale.

Sometimes a customer will say that they have to think about a decision. Normally the customer has already made their mind up whether or not to buy your product, and just need to see that it is a good decision. Using the NLP technique of time manipulation can be very useful in attempting to close a sale. Time manipulation simply says that you should mentally take your customer into the future, and let them see how satisfied they will be with the new product. Take them to a place where they see that the decision they make today is a wise one. For example, have them think about the next time they leave on a family vacation and won’t have to worry about the new car breaking down halfway through the vacation. Make them feel good about the purchase.

Above all the most valuable NLP technique is to make sure you, the sales person, are ready to help your customer. Make sure you are in the right state of mind. Leave all of your personal baggage outside the door, and mentally prepare to make the sale. All the techniques in the world cannot help if you are not ready to use them.

There are many more NLP techniques that can be used; however it is important that you find the two or three that work best for you, and practice them until they are perfection. If NLP selling techniques are used correctly you could quickly see your sales numbers start to rise. A good sales person will stay on top of their game, using anything at their disposal to make them better, and increase sales. Using NLP selling techniques will put you on top of the game.

, Brent A Daniels ,http://ezinearticles.com/expert/Brent_A_Daniels/1301131