Article Writing With A Stopwatch Or Countdown Timer

Almost every article or book about how to write quality articles faster suggests the use of a timer to encourage the writing of an article in a specified time, usually 15 or 30 minutes. The benefits can best be determined by actually trying the method. This article was written with the timer running and encouraging us to go faster, faster.

There are many widgets, gadgets, code scripts, and software for sale online to provide everything from simple timing to variable lengths and the ability to record progress at various points in the writing process. With all the choices available, pick one that has a look or theme that fits your personal preferences.

One of the first decisions is whether to use a stopwatch or timer. Most experts suggest a timer but this can be somewhat intimidating if the time selected is unrealistic. There is little point in setting an initial goal of 15 minutes if your current best effort is an hour. I have found a stopwatch to be a better choice as it gives the feel of a constant challenge against the clock and one can try for a personal best time.

The majority of the suggestions also recommend a kitchen timer. This seems to be something from a voice of the past. My downloaded stopwatch sits in the upper right hand corner of my screen and is always available on any of my computers. This is one less thing to pack for the traveling writer.

This is the first time I have tried this with an article I plan to submit and I am finding it very motivational. Based on the line number shown on my editor, I have produced about half of the article and the numbers on the digital display are better than my expectations for a half page. Also, the ever changing digits add to the feeling of doing a job quickly.

I was just interrupted by a tele marketer. Perhaps I should consider using the stop/start function of the watch. Interestingly, some timers are programmed to continue timing during pauses while others pause the timing function to avoid counting the lapsed time during the pause. I have the tendency to let my mind wander while writing. The time display is making me very aware of these wasted seconds. We can add greater focus to the benefits of timed writing.

The timing should not be limited to the writing process. It becomes pointless to write with blazing speed if the editing, spelling corrections, and submission take too many valuable minutes. Try writing with an on screen timer or clock. I found it to be stimulating in terms of both creativity and speed. I look forward to refining the technique and maximizing the benefits of using technology.

, John Paige ,