Article Writing Tips – How to Write an Online Article

Article writing is an art and just like every art it requires some unique set of skills. You want to pass your message across to your target audience in a concise and explicit manner, almost as if you are standing in front of them and giving a presentation.

If you are giving a presentation your first aim will be to get the attention of your audience, this is no different from article writing. In article writing you want your target reader to be hooked right from the title of your article.

It is from the title that the reader may decide to proceed with reading on or not. So right from your article title you need to clearly state what your article is all about in a clear, instructive and enticing way.

An example of a catchy title for a health and fitness article on weight loss could be;

“Amazing 10 minutes exercise to reduce your waistline in just 3 days!”

The above title has stated in a nut-shell what your article is all about. Anyone interested in shedding the excess fat in their waistline should immediately be interested in what you have to say as you have clearly informed them through your article title.

The need to be articulate is crucial to successful article writing as there are so many articles online these days that have a similar theme and really no one wants to waste their time on any article that doesn’t fully capture their thoughts.

Writing an articulate article requires you to have a full understanding of the subject matter and putting down your points in a clear and simple to understand way. It’s like giving a sales pitch, if your sales pitch isn’t enticing enough, you don’t get any sales!

In article writing, if you title is not clear enough, then no one will even bother with reading the content of your article. It’s important that before you begin writing an article you should create a mental picture of what you intend writing and the message you intend getting across. Jot down key points that will help you is building the body of your article and always try to go straight to the point giving simple tips or practical examples to help buttress your points. Never use long words and sentences that only serve to bore and irritate your readers, use simple common language in writing, even for a complex topic. When you do this your reader will feel comfortable relating to the terms used in your article and will be more willing to read on.

, Onochie Ese Osaji ,