Your Articles Must Convince Your Audience You Are An Expert

I remember receiving the advise that to be an expert, all you have to do is claim that you are an expert. That’s OK if you have a big ego, and believe that nonsense statement.

Another problem is to be found at the opposite end of the spectrum. People who are truly knowledgeable, do not like to display their knowledge for one of two reasons:

a. they do not want to appear boastful, or

b. they are afraid that others may steal their best “secrets.”

I personally feel that you should do your best to offer as much helpful content as you can, because most of your audience are going to be beginners who will welcome any information which addresses their specific questions. They need answers to move forward.

When you offer content that’s really good, and you are giving it away for free, you will establish such a strong feeling of appreciation on the part of your beginner readers, that when you offer your quality product for sale, they will practically feel obligated to buy it. Plus, they will know your product for sale is worth every penny you’re asking for it.

You should not hesitate to offer free value because it will come back to you 10 fold from those struggling beginners who will become loyal followers, and loyal customers.

So, don’t be greedy, and provide shallow articles, while you hold back all your best content. The fact is that no matter how much free top quality content you give away, beginners will still be in pressing need of additional help.

There’s too much to learn when you are starting out online for a beginner to get beyond your expert level just by reading a few emails, plus an eBook or two.

It’s in the execution that problems and roadblocks crop up, and your beginner followers will be anxiously seeking your help.

Offline you have to offer a product that’s exceptionally good to overcome your competition. Online it’s no different. People will only follow someone who is knowledgeable and shares expert knowledge.

And if you don’t have expert knowledge, you best educate yourself so you possess bona fide expert knowledge.

When you write from your own knowledge, the writing is easy, smooth and fast. It’s enjoyable for you to write and enjoyable for your audience to read.

Also, you do not have to spend hours in research because you carry all this knowledge and experience in your head. Your articles will just flow naturally, and much faster.

If you wonder how some people can write an article in 15 minutes, this is how it happens. They are pouring out the knowledge in their heads.

If you manage to write 4 to 6 article per day, and you get even just 25 readers per article, and you do this for a whole month, or for a full year, you will have an avalanche of targeted traffic to your blog or website.

Do you think this volume of article marketing would benefit your business?

, Juan A Rademacher ,