Is Your Article Fluff? – Ten Ways to Tell

10. You are writing an article on a cloud or you actually are a cloud. The definition of fluff is a lot of words without actually saying anything substantive just like a cloud!

9. You type faster than you think. A fluff-artist is someone who can write line after line of different sentences without actually saying anything. Hey, this line is kind of similar to my statement about the definition of fluff. I said the same thing in two different ways. I’m a fluff-artist. Doh!

8. A fluff-artist writes about things he or she has no knowledge about based on what he or she thinks theoretically might work. Cloud-men don’t do research before they start typing. Cloud-men don’t quote other people. Fluff-artists come up with grandiose theories that they think might work like how to theoretically use twitter, facebook, or linked in without any concrete ideas about how to put it into practice!

7. A fluff-artist is all about format. They come up with top ten lists or funny pictures. They want their content to look pretty without saying much.

6. A fluff-artist never gives up on an idea! Every piece of content to a fluff-artist is another cloud to put into the vast sky of the internet. All fluff-artists will fluff up earlier content to meet minimum word counts. Once a fluffitista starts writing that writing must be published or the fluffinator loses his cloud license!

5. A master fluffer loves spinning his content or his own. Spinning content doesn’t require adding new content at all! It just involves adding fluff or changing synonyms to make it look different!

4. Your fluff articles get published by fluff publications. Clouds like to stick together (and form big black rainclouds). If clouds like to group with you then maybe you are a cloud yourself!

3. You forget your articles once you’ve written them. An old adage is art is never finished, only abandoned. A fluffster doesn’t like to tweak his own work. If a fluffster comes up with new creative fluff he wants to use it in a new fluff piece.

2. A fluff-artist never has writer’s block. If you have writer’s block then indicates that you are waiting for new content. A fluff-artist doesn’t care if he has content or not when he’s writing.

1. A fluff-artist loves saying stuff like content is king. A true practitioner of content doesn’t have to affirm his love of content, they just write it or they might complain that content isn’t enough.

, Tyler C Davis ,