How to Write an Article in 15 Minutes or Less – Including Research and Proofreading

If you’re a writer, you need to write articles.

A writer needs to write articles to promote their work no matter what kind of writing they do.

But is it possible to write an article in only 15 minutes or less? It is if you have the right formula for article writing and the right system for working fast.

And the following are the 3 things you need if you want to write articles fast.

1. Article Structure. Keep your article simple. Each article you write needs to solve just one problem otherwise it becomes too long and too comprehensive. If you want to solve more than one problem for the reader, write a series of articles.

The body of your article needs to follow a simple outline –

  • Opening

  • 3 Main points

  • Conclusion

Firstly, find the 3 main points you want to discuss. Write an opening paragraph which introduces your topic which can include a brief mention of the 3 main points you’ll be discussing. Then write up your 3 main points either as a list or in story form.

Then wrap it all up with a concluding paragraph.

This structure follows a well known rule for writing an article that’s easy to understand:

  • Say what you’re going to say

  • Say it

  • Say what you’ve said

So if you have an opening paragraph followed by your main subject and then a concluding paragraph you’ve followed this general rule for making your article easy to read.

2. Timing. You won’t get faster unless you time yourself. Allow only 2 to 3 minutes to research and write a quick outline, 10 or 11 minutes to write the article and 2 minutes to proof read it and make any necessary corrections.

But don’t waste time. Do it all quickly.

3. Practice. You won’t be fast straight away. It takes time and practice. But if you practice every day then there’s no reason why you can’t be writing articles in 15 minutes in just one week.

The important thing is to just try it. Don’t think that it can’t be done because it can.

You simply have to research, outline and write your articles quickly, time yourself every time you write an article and practice writing several articles a day.

And in only one week, you’ll be able to write articles fast.

And it’s not just articles. You can quickly write blog posts, emails, auto-responder sequences and more.

In fact, your speed of writing articles will flow into all your other writing too.

, Ruth Barringham ,