How to Sustain the Reader’s Interest in Your Article!

You have begun to write articles online. After all what you write is to be read by others. Then it is equally important to focus your attention on the nuances of sustaining the reader’s attention and interest throughout your articles.

First of all you should keep the following ‘Don’ts’ in your mind.

1) Never conform to a traditional pattern of writing like a school composition with ‘introduction’ ‘content’ and then ‘conclusion’ etc. Of course, your article should have an introduction, content and a conclusion too; but they should remain latent or hidden in the article.

2) Never beat about the bush in your article.

3) Never write in a bombastic or high standard of language.

4) Never be a copy cat and never use plagiarized material in your article. The reader will easily identify them and simply skip your article, besides branding you as a spammer.

5) Never use an unfamiliar title for your article;

6) Never include material which is off the topic; never include irrelevant pictures in your article.

Keeping the above ‘Don’ts’ in your mind, you have to write an article necessarily and strictly adhering to the following ‘Dos’:

1) Choose the most relevant and appropriate title for your article, which should justify the content of your article.

2) Always write in a conversational and familiar tone. If the relevant site in which you write does not prefer a conversational tone, eg. Suite 101, always prefer an article written in the third person format; then you have to switch over to that format.

3) Always write in a simple language, keeping in your mind the standard of an average reader, who can read only.

4) If you want to include a specific material or quote from a particular author, you should give due credit to the author, by mentioning the concerned author, the name of his work, the page number etc, either in MLA or APA format., at the end of the article.

5) Your writing should always justify and conform to the topic of your article and you should never deviate from it.

6) From the very beginning you should see that your article sustain the interest of the reader for which it should have a hook at the very first paragraph.

7) See that your article is neither unduly long nor so abruptly short.

The above ‘Dos’ and ‘Don’ts’ should be scrupulously followed while writing an article; they will certainly enhance the value of your article besides sustaining the reader’s interest throughout.

, Rama Lingam ,