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Are you looking for an additional writing source where you can make some steady money? I write a blog that helps writers, even those who are just beginning, find the resources they need to make money from home. I continually search for the best sites where writers can make some steady money by picking up writing assignments. These websites are frequently described as “content mills” by some critics, however, they can be great places to pick up some money and ‘fill-in’ for those times when your other work is lacking.

The writing site is fairly easy to deal with. There is an online application which includes submitting a sample article for their review. I submitted the required application and sample article on a Monday afternoon, and less than 12 hours later, the application was approved.

Per the approval letter I received, “All contributors start with revenue share articles and questions and answers only. Quality contributors are quickly upgraded to WFH (Work for Hire) Status.” However, when I logged in to the site, I was pleasantly surprised to see that in reality, I’d already been approved for all of the types of work available through the site.

Equally as pleasing, I chose my current maximum limit of articles, one of the WFH articles and two revenue share articles about things that I was knowledgeable about and submitted them late Tuesday night. The revenue share articles are typically answers to questions, and need only be a minimum of 250 words, and the WFH articles I’ve seen so far are a minimum of 350 words. They were quick and easy to write, without lengthy research required, and best of all they have all been approved and published today, (Wednesday of the same week) in much less than 24 hours.

You won’t get rich writing articles for Easy123; the pay for WFH articles is between $8-$20, with most of them paying in the $10-12 range. Also, it will take a little time to work up to the point where you’re allowed several of the WFH articles to work on at once. However, I wrote three articles in under an hour- so that isn’t bad if you equate it to an hourly rate. One downside, they pay just once a month. Pay is sent to your PayPal account the first week of the month, for those articles approved and published by the end of the preceding month.

Since I’ve been trying to increase my revenue share articles that I write, intending to build up my residual income, I really like Experts123’s format- I can pick up some upfront money on some articles and also residual money on others.

Experts123 also is looking for Expert Writers in certain areas, aiming to build up those niche areas. Once you are an approved writer with the site, you can apply in your chosen area of expertise. (Still waiting to hear about mine, but it’s just been two days.)

All in all, I would give Experts123 a “B”…. the only thing they need to get to an “A” is higher levels of pay and more frequent pay:)

, Denise Gabbard ,

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