Do ESL Students Have an Opportunity to Study Medicine?

ESL students find many difficulties with English communication. Being an ESL student, I know the struggles of going through interviews, communicating with superiors or traveling to English speaking countries. I have been neglected so many times being an ESL student.

I was surprised to know the truth that ESL students also become a doctor. GAMSAT gives opportunity even for the non science and ESL students to study medicine. So I was curious to know more about GAMSAT. I would like to share the details that I gleaned about GAMSAT. Particularly, I would like to help the ESL students who are struggling with section 2. These tips would enhance them to score good marks in section 2.

What is Section 2?

GAMSAT has divided into three sections. Section 1 tests your thinking ability in Humanities and social science. Section 2 tests your English written communication skills and Section 3 tests your reasoning ability in Science.

Section 2 has designed to test the English proficiency of the candidates. Doctors should be able to interpret the results quickly in English. So you need to score well in Section 2 in order to apply in the popular medical universities.

In Section 2, you will be given 2 sets of quotes. 2 essays have to be written based on the quotes. Vocabulary, Grammar and sentence formation are mandatory to write an effective essays.

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I regret reading because of less confidence in English. I thought section 2 would be a huge obstacle for me. The best way of improving word power is reading. The clear structure of sentence formation can be found in newspapers or magazines. There are plenty of novels and short plays available. It gives chance of learning new words. By reading one book we can learn more number of new words. It improves the quality of communication.

Vocabulary guides:

Here are excellent vocabulary building books designed for the non-English speaking students:

1. English Vocabulary in Use – Advanced by Michael McCarthy, Felicity O’Dell

2. Compelling Conversation: Questions and Quotations on Timeless Topics – An Engaging ESL Textbook for Advanced Students by Eric H.Roth, Toni Aberson.

3. Practical Faster Reading: An Intermediate/Advanced Course in Reading and Vocabulary (Cambridge Classical Studies) by Gerald Mosback, Vivienne Mosback

Games can also help you:

Let your recreation be an effective. You can play many games, puzzles and cross words. It would improve your word power. Constant practice helps you to grow in your language without getting tired.

Text Books that enhance your literature:

Reading Books are important for communication. “The Catcher in the Rye” written by J.D. Salinger helped me to improve a lot. There are good vocabulary building books are available on the web.

I would recommend you to follow the above methods and prepare well. It is important to have a good command on English to ace the Section 2 successfully.

Also here are few tips would help you to answer the GAMSAT questions perfectly. Do the practice essay writing and have a good preparation for GAMSAT.

, Mary Anita ,