Benefits of Constant Self-Education and Personal Growth

Some people want to learn something every day but some do not want to read even a single book. Schools and Universities may provide us with the certain knowledge but do not give information which may be useful in our adult life. In our growing world one profession replaces another one, and if you have skills only in one field you can find yourself looking for a new job having the experience which nobody needs. Desire to, always, grow and constant self-education are the best solutions in all those cases.

Everybody speaks about personal growth but not everyone understands what it is, exactly. It does not mean you are growing over people around you but it means you grow above yourself every day more and more. Increasing self-esteem and confidence, for example, helps to find a good spouse, friends and be at the right place at work. If the person was not very successful at school and University, does it mean that she or he does not deserve to have a very good and nice spouse? They, actually, do deserve it, but with a very low self-esteem because of a lot of failures in the institutes it may become a big problem. There are some of the personal qualities which would be really helpful to develop: confidences, honesty, being kind and open, smiling not only with your lips but also with your eyes, have posture of a leader and not stooping. We have all those qualities. We just should increase them, which will help us to improve the quality of our life.

Self-education is important too. If you have a lot of interests and hobbies, it is important to do something about those interests and hobbies, and learn what you need for this. For example, if you love computers, learn about them as much as you want to. It can save your job because we have a computerized world, nowadays. Study a foreign language, if you like, that may help to get a better job. You never know what kind of skills maybe required in your life. Therefore, learn and study what you like. It may play a crucial role in the future. Increasing of your general knowledge is significant, as well. If you learn deeply geography, history or politics, it will help you not just look smart in front of your friends but also to travel and better understand our world.

Plenty ways to grow exist. You can find special books or e-books. There are a lot of useful resources on the Internet. Also, try to find the courses of the subject you are interested in. In some cases, tutors are pretty helpful.

For all these, you will need to have a good discipline and motivation. Both are beneficial in your life, too.

, Andrew Yurievich Dar ,